Established on the Peak Railway at Rowsley in Derbyshire the carriage group has restored British Railways standard Mark 1 and 2 carriages since 1989. Latterly the group has acquired a unique collection of heritage LMS carriages for eventual restoration and public appreciation. During the formative years the voluntary group undertook the operational carriage restoration and maintenance responsibilities of Peak Rail, successfully restoring British Railways designed buffet, restaurant and ordinary passenger carriages. Subsequently, a full-time a carriage supervisor was employed. This allowed the formation in 1999 of an unincorporated group known as ‘The LMS Carriage Association’ and enabled us to commence restoration of our heritage LMS carriages.


The LMSCA's aims are not simply to own, repair and operate carriages of LMS design but to provide a travelling experience and foster an appreciation of ordinary travel by LMS train enabling the public to view restoration in progress and to appreciate and contribute towards this. It is hoped also to foster these aims amongst other groups and enthusiasts having similar objectives. Surf our ex-LMS pictorial, restored LMS pictorial, Books, Videos and Links pages for further information.

Activities and Membership

As a member of the Association, you will be entitled to receive free our twice yearly newsletter the 'Droplight' and our occasional news sheet 'Quarterlight'. These publications detail work in progress, acquisitions and existing vehicle notes, fund raising, exhibition and open day events as well as including historic articles and a stock list of our LMS carriages. You will be welcome to participate in any of our activities including carriage repair, spare part acquisition, exhibitions, fundraising and development. Refer to the News section for details of our latest activities and progress.

If you wish to help us in achieving our aims, have any comments about the website, 'Droplight', 'Quarterlight', carriage technical queries or any other carriage related topic then contact us or apply for membership. If you wish to indulge yourself still further, devour the wealth of additional information contained within the carriage links.

Rolling Stock

The Association currently owns or is the custodian of nine LMS carriages, one Midland Railway Saloon, four British Railways utility vehicles and one Midland Railway van, details can be found on the Rolling Stock pages. In the 1930s the LMS renumbered a substantial proportion of its carriage fleet. Except where specifically mentioned in the text, all carriage numbers referred to are those allocated as new, subsequent numbers are included for reference purposes. Each carriage type is specified by the better known British Railways code followed by the equivalent LMS code in brackets.

This brief introduction describes our main aims and progress so far. The objects of the Association are to ensure that the LMS carriages in its care are restored for public use and fundraising will be directed to the benefit these historic railway vehicles. If you are at all interested then please contact us for more details.