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June 2005

Anyone for a picnic?

The LMSCA recently acquired an ex-Midland Railway picnic saloon (body only). The body (ex vehicle LMS no. 2741) is in remarkably good condition considering its age and history. It is actually in better condition than some carriages in our care and almost 50 years younger! It is planned to conserve the body and not to undertake any changes which may compromise its future long term restoration. When stabilised, 2741 will see regular use as volunteer accommodation and meeting room. When complete, 2741 will replace 'Perle' our small caravan, which is becoming too small for our purposes.

Start on one of our CCTs

Alan Taylor has begun work on refurbishing one of our three 4wheel ex BR CCTs. These useful vehicles were donated by Jarvis Rail to the LMSCA some years ago after languishing in a goods shed at Wakefield for twenty years. The interior has been cleared and a start made on the bottoms of the metal window surrounds. All are being completely renewed. The project involves restoring the CCT (94630) to original maroon livery and lining.

Progress on 1501

Since last October one side of 1501 has been stripped and completely re-panelled and re-beaded. Preparation work for final bodywork painting continued until three undercoats were applied to all surfaces. The ends were painted in black gloss but the final bodywork painting had to wait until ambient temperatures became more favourable. Two gloss coats, lining and lettering, application of LMS roundels and two final coats of varnish completed the restoration. Two weeks of hardening off inside before rolling out to take the official photos. Now very little remains to be done before handing over for fitting out as our exhibition coach. A tribute to all who have worked on TK2 since 1999 (with a two year gap in the middle). See the stock pages for more details and photos.

February 2005

Shed Work

A system of access trolleys are being built for the working platforms in the shed, to allow easier and safer access to different levels, eg for roof and gutter work. A safe access system for the roof itself has also recently been purchased. Quotes are being obtained for the construction of a room at the front of the shed to allow a small display area and safe viewing area for any visitors.

Spare Bogies

Bogie number 1 is complete, cleaned and painted, with new fasteners, new split pins, one replacement brake block cross yoke, one replacement crank, one replacement axlebox cover, 2 replacement axlebox dust shields, 4 new lubrication pads, replacement coil and leaf spring insulators, a replacement belt frame cut out reinforcement frame (that's what I'm calling it anyway), and a few bent bits heated up and straightened as required. It still needs a replacement pulley, its emerged that the one we had obtained is for a slightly smaller size axle, and amongst all the other bogies we have none has this odd axle size! We are investigating getting it bored out. We also still have to fit the new axlebox lubrication pads; these are awaiting decisions over the specification of the oil required.

Photograph lmsca795: Alan Taylor

Bogie number 2 is now being reassembled, regrettably Alan has to go outside in the cold to attend to this one!

LMS Period 1 TO 7828

Quotes are being sought for replacement timber, screws, mastic, glue, pins, canvas, paint etc. for the new roof. Some work to roof components is continuing. See 7828 diary for more details.

LMS Period 2 TK 1501

Side number 2 of the Exhibition Coach has had machining of the new beading completed, and fitted with pins and mastic. This is currently being prepared for repainting, with a couple of layers of undercoat, stopping, rubbing down, and more undercoat complete already. Most other work to the vehicle is complete. Preparations are in hand to produce an exhibition for the interior detailing the story of the LMS coach.

LMS Period 3 BTK 27001

Paintwork in the brake end is being scraped back to bare wood, revealing a couple of areas requiring repair. Parts to reassemble the guards seats are now to hand, having been recovered from a grounded body in Scotland. The brake rigging is being put back on this coach, some parts of this had to be remade from spares that didn't quite fit, and some 'adjustments' to length are in hand.

Heritage Railways Association

Thanks to Dave's hard work, and Alan and Harvey having a day out in Swindon the LMSCA is now a member of the HRA. Regrettably Dave and Alan's presentation wasn't used in the end, due to pressures of time in the meeting. Its hoped that this material can be reused in the 'mobile exhibition'.

January 2005

Health & Safety

With Charitable status now gained, the Trustees had several other items of 'organisation' requiring their attention during 2004. The most important of these was the production of a 'Health and Safety Policy' which encompasses what we do in our voluntary work. For those who have heard of but have no direct involvement with such matters, a written health and safety policy is now a mandatory requirement for all organisations which 'employ' over five persons. In our case the word 'employee' also includes volunteers. This document was especially important now that the Association has assembled a woodworking machinery workshop which forms the basis for our restoration efforts. To cut a long story short the policy statement and document with its accompanying induction course notes took about 4 months to produce. In the end the document was inspected by a trained safety advisor and confirmed as appropriate for the current needs of the LMSCA. The document will henceforth be issued to all existing working members. New working members will additionally be required to undertake a short induction course.

With the installation of our woodworking machinery, (the Health and Safety Executive are particularly keen to reduce accidents at work involving wood working machinery) it became necessary to instigate a safety system to control access to these potentially dangerous machines. We decided very early on that access would only be allowed to members who had been trained in their safe use and had attended and passed a relevant safe operating course. Such a course was organised and undertaken by nine members during November 2004 and we are pleased to report that they all passed with flying colours.


Photograph lmsca796: Alan Taylor

Late 2004 and early 2005 has brought the two Northampton and Lamport LMS carriage bogies up to the shed for refurbishment. This is the first time that the LMSCA has undertaken this kind of work but by much expenditure of energy by Alan and Harvey with occasional help from Terry and yours truly, two bogies have been stripped into their component parts leaving no bolt not undone! Hundreds of bits and pieces, all cleaned, primed, checked, undercoated and finally black glossed. Missing parts have been obtained or fabricated as required. It is planned to ultrasonically test the axles before re-assembly of the bogies in readiness for their first use. More of which, hopefully later this year.

LMS Period 2 TK No 1501

Photograph lmsca797: Harvey Coppock

Work has continued on 1501, our LMS Period two corridor third. It was planned to complete painting into final livery during September but some metal panels were found to be in need of re-fixing again. We decided therefore to strip the remaining above waist-rail metal panels along on side and to wood panel and bead this side. The work has progressed satisfactorily and we are near to completing the beading ready for stopping up, undercoating and first gloss coat. We will have to await the warmer weather before the final gloss, lining, transfers and varnish coats are applied. But we should have a very presentable LMS period 2 carriage by the summer. The next task regarding this vehicle is to fit it out for exhibition purposes.

Photograph lmsca798: Harvey Coppock


So, all in all 2004 has been another busy year, our membership has again grown slightly, with two AGMs under our belts we are looking forward to the future. So with all this is mind I would like to wish all LMSCA members and non-members alike success for the future and remember, you know where we are, so if you have some spare time, why not come and help us?

Derek Mason and Harvey Coppock