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  1. I would like to purchase a carriage for converting into a house / office etc...

    This is not something we are able to advise upon because we do not have any direct experience of this. We suggest that some of the issues to be considered will likely include:

    • Planning with local authorities
    • Sourcing a suitable carriage — preferably not a rare one!
    • Sourcing a track panel to place the carriage on
    • Transport
    • Asbestos containment and/or removal
    • Repairs / restoration / refurbishment works

    The following websites and email lists may be useful:

    • Railway Heritage Register — Hosted by the Vintage Carriages Trust, this has a database of preserved and other heritage carriages.
    • railc — Railway Carriage Email Group, with many subscribers involved in carriage preservation for heritage railways.
    • coachingstock — Frequently has emails listing new arrivals at Booths
    • The Carriage Exchange — Hosted by the LMSCA, advertises rolling stock for sale. If you see a carriage here please contact the seller directly, or ask for your details to be forwarded on if a direct means of contacting the seller is not listed.

    The above list is not exhaustive, so if there is anything you wish to add or if you have any feedback please contact the webmaster.

  2. Do you have any carriages for sale?

    Any carriage we have for public sale will most likely be listed in the The Carriage Exchange.